Mentoring for Paranormal Investigators and Ghost Hunters

Loyd Auerbach will be offering mentoring for individuals and groups/teams of investigators and ghost hunters beginning September 2012.

Rather than formal set courses, this mentoring will take the form of a program (or one time sessions) allowing people who investigate paranormal activity and haunted locations or go on ghost hunts to discuss and gain guidance where needed on their specific cases, as well as their methodologies, equipment and evidence with an active parapsychologist who specializing in field investigations.

A big part of the mentoring will be to support groups/teams/individuals in their efforts to actually help their clients deal with the phenomena and their experiences, something often lacking in the experience and any of the informal training for ghost hunters/paranormal investigators.

More than that, by doing this on an “as needed” basis, rather than a scheduled course, groups/teams/individuals can come to their mentor when they need clarification, more information, help/support in specific cases, and assessment of their gathered evidence and data (and what to do with it).

Auerbach will also provide support for individuals who may be psychically “sensitive” (but with little experience as a working psychic or medium), and for groups/teams working with those who are sensitive to the paranormal.

Finally, as Loyd Auerbach is connected to various field researchers, experimental parapsychologists, and additional scientists in other fields as well as research organizations, he can also provide referrals to others for “second opinions” or for further information in specialized areas. Auerbach himself has over 30 years field experience and who has been teaching Parapsychology for nearly as long (in both graduate school and for non-academic audiences). In addition, he has the additional insight of someone with background and knowledge in the laboratory studies of ESP, PK and Mediumship, as well as studies of Near Death Experiences, Out of Body Experiences, and paranormal beliefs. He has guided and mentored his own students in their investigative and research work long after they finished their courses with him.

Mentoring will be in the form of phone or Skype calls, email, or in-person consults (the latter for those in the San Francisco Bay Area).

If you are a ghost hunter or paranormal investigator who wishes to bring your work to the next level, or just someone starting out who wants some guidance, contact Loyd Auerbach for more information on his upcoming Paranormal Mentoring Program.

Please note that not everyone will be accepted for mentoring. Candidates will need to have a phone/Skype interview with Prof. Auerbach to determine whether the individual or group fits.

Loyd Auerbach can be reached by email at, through his Facebook page at or by calling the Office of Paranormal Investigations and leaving a message, (415) 871-0175.


Join me in September at a haunted saloon for some high spirits! [Cancelled]


Join me (Loyd Auerbach, a.k.a. Professor Paranormal), along with historian/author Janice Oberding and psychic/medium Maria Lagana-Sales for an overnight investigation of quite possibly the most active haunted location in Southern Nevada.

The Pioneer Saloon is the oldest saloon in the area and is believed to be haunted by the likes of clark Gable, and his wife who died tragically in a plane crash on the mountain behind the saloon. The saloon is located in the town of Goodsprings, Nevada, a very short distance outside of Las Vegas.

The event is happening on September 15, 2012, and runs from 9 PM to 2 AM.

I’m told the last group that was in there experienced lots of activity (and all their electronic equipment went haywire).

For tickets information, go to

The event is limited because of the size of the location, so get your tickets now!

For more information about the Pioneer Saloon, visit



Public Speaking & Media Skills : Training and Coaching

Something most people in the paranormal world don’t know about me: I have extensive experience as a public speaking and media skills instructor and coach.

Given the number of ghost hunters, paranormal investigators, paranormal authors, podcasters and others that are expressing interest to speak at conferences and work with television, radio or simply do a podcast or be a guest on one, it’s essential that public speaking, presentation skills and media skills are developed.

From my own experience – which goes back to college for speaking and to right after grad school (and my first job in Parapsychology) for TV and radio – I did much better by having people coach me for both. Over the years, my experience as a parapsychologist, ghost hunter, professor, and author led me to a huge number of media interviews (TV, radio and print), and many many speaking opportunities outside the classroom or corporate training I was also doing.

This in turn led me to  teach courses in public speaking and media skills at JFK University, to authors’ groups, and to corporate audiences. I’ve done individual coaching with business execs and authors, lawyers and other parapsychologists (and a couple of other scientists). I ended up as the Technical Editor for two editions of Public Speaking for Dummies by Malcolm Kushner.

Technology (such as Skype and even the simple telephone) allows for easy individual coaching of individuals and even small groups.

I’m putting this out there, as I’m about to launch a couple of different coaching programs tailored for the paranormal community.

One will be directed at helping people improve their speaking skills, build interesting presentations, and gain (or beef up) their media skills for TV, radio, podcasts, print interviews and even YouTube.

The other, which I’ll detail more in another post, is based in my 33 years of investigation and research as well as 30 years teaching Parapsychology (from graduate school courses on down to adult ed). It will be geared towards individual and group coaching on the paranormal itself and the investigation and research process, methodologies and understanding of what their evidence is.

If you’re interested in being a speaker, in promoting yourself or your work (including books) to the Media, chances are you could use some real foundation coaching in public speaking, presentations, and media skills.

Contact me at for more information.