Join me and genuine spirit medium Sandra O’Hara for A SPIRITED EVENING on Halloween at the (haunted) Town Hall Theatre in Lafayette, CA. It will be an All Hallows’ Eve you’ll never forget!

A SPIRITED EVENING features a look at both sides of the paranormal coin – the unreal and the real.

Mentalist Professor Paranormal (in reality, parapsychologist Loyd Auerbach) will amuse and amaze with feats of mindreading and prediction with audience members, getting everyone “in the spirit” for actual contact with the Other Side.Renowned Irish psychic medium Sandra O’Hara will bring the audience in close contact with friends and loved ones across the veil, providing a more personal connection with those who have passed on. Don’t miss this Halloween evening of fun, mental mystery and true paranormal experience. Come in costume, and you might win a surprise.

For tickets please visit: http://www.townhalltheatre.com/music-comedy-series

Want to know more, send an email to profparanormal@gmail.com

UPDATE: Mentoring for Paranormal Investigators and Ghost Hunters

Just a quick update …

Loyd Auerbach is currently interviewing individuals for potential mentoring. His coaching and mentoring may not be appropriate for everyone, and he has limited time to offer, so he wants to be sure to discuss the potential clients’ needs are, and where they currently are in their knowledge-base. Loyd wants to be able to find those who can best benefit by his mentoring.

If interested, email profparanormal@gmail.com to set up a short phone interview. During that time, Loyd will get a sense of a candidate’s background and needs, and lay out services and costs.

Mentoring IS available for groups as well (reduced price per-person for groups).

In addition, if you are a potential speaker at conferences/conventions and have little public speaking experience, or a fear of public speaking, Loyd offers coaching for that as well — he’s taught public speaking and presentation skills since the late 1980s at JFK University, in corporate environments, and various seminars. He’s coached several authors (different topics) and business owners and corporate executives, and was the Technical Editor for two editions of Public Speaking for Dummies by Malcolm Kushner.

Feel free to contact him at profparanormal@gmail.com for information on that service as well.