Special Offer: Mentoring for Investigators, Psychics & Mediums

I’ve been mentoring some paranormal investigators, psychics and mediums over the last few years, via phone and Skype as well as in-person here in the Bay Area without raising my rates. But now it’s time to do so….

However, if you’re interested in getting the old rate for mentoring, contact me before December 31st — email profparanormal@gmail.com). Book me for time in 2015 before the end of 2014 and keep the old rate (and book me for multiple hours and get a special rate). Pre-paid time can be used at any time in the future, all at once or a little at a time.

I am willing to have a short (20 minute or so) phone or Skype call with you for free to see what your needs are.

With investigators, my mentoring is usually a combination of upping their know-how about parapsychological field investigation methods (the real methods, not what you get from TV shows or people who “teach” what they learned from TV). Often the mentoring is in the form of me providing detailed feedback on the cases they’ve either done in the past or have going now.

With psychics/mediums or fledgling sensitives, my mentoring is usually getting them a grounding in parapsychology and/or some work on psychic protection and/or work on being able to better assess the information they’re currently getting. A couple have worked with me on increasing their sensitivities (while at the same time being able to “turn it off” when necessary), and more than one have worked with me on how to best communicate with the public/clients and skeptics.

If you’re not sure right now, but this sounds interesting and you want to “hold” my rates, contact me and we’ll work something out.


Guest Post: Summary of Some Benefits of Meditation

Note from Loyd Auerbach: The practice of meditation is one form of altered states induction that can allow for increased psychic perception and development. Research has shown that meditation has, of course, many other benefits — some of which are summarized here in this guest post.

Summary of Some Benefits of Meditation

Ruby Andrew

Meditation, though it may appear to some to be a time-wasting activity, has a host of benefits ranging from psychological, mental, physical, and social as illustrated below based on the various scientific researches and proves done by different universities and researchers.


Enhances satisfaction: People can evaluate their lives and set goals that they want to achieve and work towards. It helps them acknowledge their failures, not to feel guilty about them but to learn from them. This gives them strength to overcome their weaknesses.

Self-realization: It provides a chance for one to get oriented to one’s person/self. It is ‘me time’. With no one in the picture, being all alone in one’s own world makes one think through each aspect of life and know better who he/she is. This enhances self-image.

Helps one develop humane feelings: Naturally, humans are moral beings, social in nature and able to feel pain and empathy. Having time with oneself enhances one’s ability to relate to situations naturally.

Reduces bad feelings: Anxiety, stress and depression are always experienced as long as one lives. These feelings do increase and often impair performance especially when one is caught up in so many activities allowing no time to meditate over/ponder what one is undergoing. Some realities are not pleasant and thus many prefer pushing them off their memory.

To the contrary, meditation helps one analyze each situation and plan how to overcome it. Thus reactions to such encounters can be more positive.

It makes Self a refuge: In situations where one could retaliate, burst out in anger or break down, one can resolve to engage a habit of keeping it to Self and thinking over the situation before hurting the other party, thus enhancing the ability to cope with difficult situations.


Meditation has been proven to enhance growth of some areas of the brain which increase performance of the individual. The portion of the cortical area responsible for attention and introspection increases, enhancing attention and internalization and thus a better and faster understanding of concepts. There is evidence for increased grey matter portion of areas responsible for memory and thought. Increased neurons in this area can enhance memory recall and judgment. Increase in size of the area responsible for generation of positive emotions and frontal area which regulates emotional reactions can enhance happiness, positivity and self- control.


Weight Control: Meditation can aid the ability to control appetite. Overweight and obese individuals might be able to cut their weight through self-control if that is their issue. Weight loss has been shown to be part of the treatment of and prevention against diabetes.

Decreases blood pressure: Meditation decreases body and brain activity, thus decreasing the basal metabolic rate. Alongside decreasing anxiety and stress, the blood pressure decreases and is maintained at normal levels.


Enhances relations with other people thus better social ties. This is because of a better self-image and appreciation of oneself and other people. Accommodation of differences in personality improves reaction to different situations giving a better meaning to life.

Note: In some parts of the world, one might find physician guided meditation programs which may even be part of one’s health coverage.

Ruby Andrew’s author bio

Ruby Andrew, a guest writer and blogger by profession, lives in Bristol, UK. For a long time, she has had a passion for writing and found she could write on any topic. Her areas of interest includes travel, health, fitness, automobile, fashion, technology and weddings. At present, she works as a guest blogger on behalf of health insurance card.