An Important New Publication on Extrasensory Perception

I’ve been a little behind in posting events for myself, and in posting anything of substance here on my site. Been working on a few things, including working a bit at JFK University doing marketing and running a speaker program for the Consciousness and Transformative Studies MA Program, as well as developing content and teaching (or co-teaching) online courses for the Rhine Center ( and ).

Now I’d like to get back in the swing of talking about developments in Parapsychology and providing some commentary on the paranormal generally, and paranormal pop culture in particular. So do come back and visit every week for more.

To kick off this new push (for myself), something new…

I am very proud to have contributed a chapter (with the help of Sheila Smith and Dominic Parker backing up the research material) to an incredibly important new text on psychic phenomena.

Just released from Praeger is a two volume hardcover set called EXTRASENSORY PERCEPTION: SUPPORT, SKEPTICISM AND SCIENCE, edited by Edwin C. May and Sonali Bhatt Marwaha.

The books include chapter contributions from notables not only in the field of Parapsychology, but also from a number of other mainstream sciences. The foreword is by neuroscientist James Fallon, well-known for his examination of the psychopath.

Volume one covers “History, Controversy, and Research, while volume 2 hits on “Theories of Psi.”

My chapter reviews the research in ESP and PK over the last 10 or so years at laboratories and from researchers in the United States. Other similar chapters cover Europe, Australia, and Asia.

While the two volume set is likely out of the price range of most (it’s over $120 even with Amazon’s typical discount), the quality of the material in the volumes is worth every penny. This set will hopefully create a stir in the mainstream, if only because some have put their place in academia on the line simply for contributing.

You can find an interview with Ed May about the set here: