Some Thoughts on the “New Millennium”

Loyd AuerbachNote: This essay originally appeared in the January 1999 issue of IRIDIS, the newsletter of the California Society for Psychical Study

Can you believe it? A new millennium coming upon us!

As we enter the end of the 20th Century and head into the 21st, we can look back on 100 years of amazing accomplishments. From the first powered aircraft to humans on the moon (and our spacecraft far beyond), humanity has passed an apparent technological threshold. The more we learn, the more we invent, and the faster the new learning and new inventions come.

We have passed an apparent spiritual threshold as well. More and more people around the world in technological societies are looking for something other than traditional religious ideologies. Some turn to science, others to what’s been termed the New Age.

That threshold is not the New Age Movement per se, for most everything in the so-called “New” Age is actually either old (though renewed) or combinations of “old” ideas. Then again, maybe that’s what’s New here at all: new combinations and new presentations of ideas that have been around a while. The threshold appears to have been crossed as we have become more and more a global community.

In fact, new technology often comes from old ideas (although nowadays, some of those old ideas are only weeks old).

Where do ideas come from?

If you believe some of the UFO folks, technology comes from crashed spacecraft (plus perhaps some secret dealings with some extra-terrestrials). Apparently, the government has been slowly leaking some of this E.T. tech to corporations and the general public.

If you believe many folks with certain New Age or spiritual beliefs, ideas come from entities outside ourselves. Apparently, we are surrounded by spirits and other entities who influence and interfere with our minds and our daily lives.

To me, the most amazing idea that people have not embraced is Self-Responsibility and the Creativity that is inherent in us all: WE are the creators. WE are responsible for our own lives.

It’s amazing to me that people have stated that almost every modern convenience from computer chips to fiber-optics have been derived from other-worldly technology. Tell that to the guy who invented fiber optics!

Obviously, as with all the ancient (and not so ancient) monuments and structures built with the help of the ancient astronauts, human accomplishments in the 20th Century are due mainly to the intelligence of “helpers” or their crashed technology.

And people constantly need help with decisions about their future from channelers, psychics, prophets and other figures in authority.

I remember in college, while taking some history classes dealing with ancient Egypt , Mesopotamia and other such cultures, wondering about structures like the pyramids, the Sphinx and the statues on Easter Island . Von Daniken’s works on Ancient Astronauts was quite popular, and I spoke with several of the history professors and a couple of my anthropology professors about the idea of extra-terrestrial help.

One professor, which I’m not sure, put things in excellent perspective for me. He said several things about the ancient astronaut theory.

One, that the theory assumes humans had no way of building such structures given their level of technology at the time.

Two, that the theory assumes humans built those things to pay homage to these ancient astronauts (or as markers or even landing sites).

Three, that the theory assumes our ancestors were too stupid and too lazy to have done all those things themselves.

To the first, anthropologists and archeologists have come up with methods by which essentially all those ancient structures could have been built without any technology more advanced that what we believe those cultures had at the time.

To the second, the why, he said “Why build Mt. Rushmore? Why build the Cathedral in Notre Dame, France? Why build a building as tall as possible simply to make it the tallest?” Humans aspire, he said to me. Humans build for glory, whether for the glory of their gods (who do not have to be aliens), for the glory of their heroes, or for themselves. It has always been this way, and will undoubtedly always will be this way.

To the third, he pointed me to all the artistic and creative works of humanity, and to littler developments in “technology” of those ancient cultures.

Humans create, whether artistically or scientifically. The more knowledge we can work with, the more we can create and invent. That this century has had so many developments so fast has more to do with reaching a critical mass of knowledge than anything else. Humanity can take the credit for its current level of technology, good and bad (and unfortunately wisdom does not always come with knowledge).

This lesson is important when applied to psychic experiences and psychic abilities.

It doesn’t have to be a spirit guide who provides you with insight. It doesn’t have to be a psychic who tells you what to do to bring about a particular perceived future. YOU have the power as well.

When asked whether Parapsychology has any sort of message for the world about psi abilities, I do have to say yes.

We are all psychic. Some perhaps more than others (such as some are more artistic than others). Most psychics may simply be people who recognize and acknowledge their abilities and the information they bring forth. That is the first step to psychic development.

With knowledge comes better decision-making. That’s why people see psychics very often; to help make decisions. Whether you get that information yourself or with the help of psychics, YOU make the decisions and YOU are responsible for your own future. [Note: I’m not trashing psychics here; just pointing out that it is the client who is ultimately responsible for his/her own future, not the psychic who predicts it]

Add to that the idea of Psychokinesis — that we can affect our world directly with conscious and unconscious thought, and we may even have some responsibility for events that go on around us.

So, Parapsychology’s message to the world is that we Humans are connected to that world on a mental/psychic level. We are responsible for our own thoughts and decisions and actions and futures. We do create our own realities…every day, in fact.

How does this relate to the UFO-technology issue?

We are smarter and more creative than many of us give ourselves credit for. We don’t need aliens or spiritual entities to provide us with our ideas. If spirits are speaking to people, those people can of course learn from the knowledge of others (dead or alive). Remember, just because they’re dead doesn’t mean they’re smart — dying does not significantly increase one’s IQ, to paraphrase Charlie Tart.

All too often we look to give credit (or blame) to outsiders, because we can’t seem to take on that responsibility ourselves.

PSI means connection…information…interaction…ownership…responsibility.

If we can get THAT across in the New Age, we’re bound to reach the critical mass of being psychic, and leap ahead as our technology has.

What’s interesting in the few years ahead is the way the Internet and the World Wide Web have pushed us more and more into being connected to more and more people around the world. Spiritual ideas are appearing online as well as technological ones. Creativity is rampant on the Web.

Perhaps the online world is about to converge with the psychic world.

Wouldn’t that be something for the New Millennium!

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