Guest Post: Bioenergy Therapy: Restoring Balance to Creat Healing

Introduction by Loyd Auerbach to Jennifer Lewis’s article (below)

Parapsychology covers the wide range of psychic phenomena, experiences and abilities. That, of course, includes Psycho-Kinesis (PK). Essentially “mind over matter,” this includes any affect of Consciousness/Mind on energy and energetic systems.

While we think of PK as mainly affecting things outside the body, by strict definition it also includes mind/body issues as the mind affects the body and its systems. Extraordinary self-healing, and even psychosomatic illness, can be a result of conscious or unconscious intention/activity.

Psychic healing in all its forms is naturally a subset of PK activity, and there is quite the variation in healing techniques (for healing others). Healers might somehow act directly on the healee’s bodily systems – even down to the cellular level or below – with PK (note: no specific form of energy has been detected or even heads a list of possibilities for PK in general).

Or healers might somehow kick-start the healee’s own internal healing mechanisms, effectively helping them speed up the process. One healer suggested to me that on some occasions, he believed he was only acting as a placebo for the sick individuals, who held that the healer absolutely could and would help them, yet on other occasions he felt he definitely “connected” with the healees and was able to affect a change more directly.

Some healers somehow take on the illness/damage the healee is experiencing, describing the process as one of passing the disease or damage through their own bodies. One can look to the episode of the original series of STAR TREK called “The Empath” for a demonstration of this.

And then there are the energy healers…

The tradition of working with subtle and not so subtle energy, whether the energy of the healee or energy put out by the body of the healer, is many centuries old in many cultures around the world (potentially thousands of years in some cultures). What kind of energy is being used has been a subject of discussion and disagreement, but what’s apparent from the evidence is that some kind of energetic exchange – even if it’s only heat from the body of the healer – is happening.

The healing techniques, such as Therapeutic Touch or Reiki or even laying on of hands, have different approaches, but one can consider any energy given off by the healer (if the energy comes from their bodies) or manipulated by the healer (if the energy being affected is that of the healee) as bioenergy.

In this guest contribution to the Paranormal Network, Jennifer Lewis provides us a little background on the use of bioenergy in a therapeutic context.


Bioenergy Therapy: Restoring Balance to Create Healing

By Jennifer Lewis

Bioenergy healing is not a new idea at all. This type of therapy has been used for thousands of years and is known around the world. Also known as laying on of hands, it is based on bringing the matrix, or energy body, back into alignment. The matrix will reflect an imbalance before the physical body develops any signs of a disease or illness.

When the matrix, or aura, is in balance, the immune system has all the information required for good health. When something causes it to become unbalanced, the energy body is unevenly distributed, and the physical body becomes ill.

Stress and Broken Heart Syndrome

One of the most difficult situations a person can experience is the breakdown of a relationship. If you have ever been so upset after a breakup that you felt that you were going to die of a broken heart, you may not have been that far from the truth. Some people who experience intense emotional reactions, such as the ones that would normally occur following the loss of a loved one, may experience symptoms similar to that of a heart attack. The stress would definitely throw the person off balance emotionally for a time. For individuals who experience full-blown Broken Heart Syndrome, the effects are even more profound. They report feeling shortness of breath and chest pain. When examined by doctors, they may even have low blood pressure. The condition looks similar to a heart attack but is not the same medical condition. Unlike a heart attack, which damages the heart muscle, Broken Heart Syndrome does not appear to cause any permanent damage. Patients are able to make a rapid and complete recovery after the event.

Bioenergy Healing to Restore Health

Physical or environmental stress definitely leads to illness, and bioenergy healing is a tool that can be used to restore a person’s health. Over time, stress causes the immune system to break down at its weakest point. According to bioenergy practitioners, this type of situation results in the cells becoming confused, weak and misinformed. They are unable to function properly. Visiting a practitioner allows the body to restore the correct “information” to the cells and bring them back into alignment so that client is able to enjoy good health and renewed energy once again.

How Bioenergy Can be Used 

  • Individually

A practitioner can see a client on a one-to-one basis, in an office or by visiting the client in his or her home or another location.

  • Group Sessions

Participants may see a practitioner in a group setting. Some people may benefit from being in a supportive atmosphere during the healing session. They may also be more receptive to the healing process if they see other participants experiencing benefits from the natural healing. The group would develop its own unique dynamic, and the energy force would become stronger than the sum of its parts, which would aid in the healing benefits for all participants.

  • At a Distance

It is not necessary to be in the same room, or even in the same city or country as the the practitioner to get the benefits of bioenergy healing. The practitioner and client can make contact by phone and establish a connection in that manner.

What Happens During a Bioenergy Session

During a bioenergy session, the client is directed to sit or stand by the practitioner. During the session, the practitioner will move his or her hands around the client’s body. No direct contact will be made without the client’s permission.

Some clients may feel some tingling, coldness, warmth, or pins and needles during the session. It’s also normal not to experience anything unusual while the practitioner is working. Each person’s experience is different and equally valid.

Simply because a person isn’t experiencing a particular sensation, it doesn’t mean that he or she isn’t getting any benefit from the experience. The session will probably take 15 or 20 minutes. Each person has a bioenergy field around his or her body and the practitioner is there to redirect it to bring it back into its natural alignment.

It’s normal to attend more than one session to get the benefits of bioenergy healing. The practitioner will schedule appointments over several days so that the client is able to get the benefits from this type of therapy.

NOTE from Loyd Auerbach: There is a large amount of literature research various alternative healing methods and their efficacy, including energy healing techniques – psychic healing research is of particular interest to those in and around Parapsychology. However, one should always seek out all possible treatments, including of course, seeing your regular doctor, and as with traditional Western medicine, consider getting a second opinion even with energy healers (even if that opinion is your regular doctor).