Reincarnation class Thursday night, Aug 7, 2014 — live or by phone

I am offering a one-shot class this Thursday, Aug. 7, 2014, from 6:30 – 9:30 PM Pacific time at HCH Institute in Lafayette, CA.


Well over a billion people on the planet believe in past lives, and in being reborn after their deaths. From religion-based to culture-based beliefs and practices that are quite ancient, to relatively recent work with past life regression and spontaneously recalled past life memories, the evidence–of varying strength–has mounted up.
But how do these forms of evidence stack up scientifically? What are the best forms of evidence and cases of reincarnation?
In this one-shot class, parapsychologist Loyd Auerbach will survey all forms of evidence for (and against) reincarnation and past (and future) lives. He will focus on evidence/cases of young children who remember previous lives–cases investigated by researchers at the University of Virginia, the University of Iceland, and several more institutions from the last 60+ years.
He will discuss the value of the other evidence, including past life regression: where it’s good, where it falls short and where (and how) such practices have other positive value beyond evidence for reincarnation.
Thursday August 7th, 6:30-930 PM Cost: $50
Contact HCH either by phone: 925 283-3941, or email Paul at:
This class is available to attend in person at HCH or by telephone. Attendees will receive an mp3 recording of the entire class (within a week) and will receive additional text materials.
Please specify when you register if you will be on site or conference calling into the classes.
For questions, contact Loyd Auerbach at

GHOST STORIES NIGHT on June 12, 2014. 7-9 PM

Loyd Auerbach, Director of The Office of Paranormal Investigations, has been investigating cases of apparitions, hauntings and poltergeists and other psychic phenomena for over 3 decades.
In this presentation, you’ll hear him tell the stories of some of his more exciting and perplexing ghost hunts, including some of his more unusual cases such as the case of the couple haunted by amorous spirits, the bartender ghost, the tale of the apparition of a living woman, the peeping tom ghost, and the amazing case that convinced him that ghosts really do exist. Naturally he’ll talk about his most extensive investigations dealing with the Moss Beach Distillery and the USS Hornet.
He’ll talk briefly about how the actual methods and tools of real investigators differ from what one sees on TV, how the phenomena connects to psychic experiences and abilities, bizarre – though normal – explanations that are not paranormal, what parapsychologists think these things really are, and why “fear of ghosts” is never on his mind.
Loyd Auerbach will leave you excited, mystified, entertained and perhaps … even a bit creeped out (though more likely laughing).
Appropriate for just about anyone, including teens and kids over 10 who “ain’t afraid o’ no ghost!”
When: Thursday, June 12, 2014 from 7 – 9 PM Pacific.
Cost: $30 (and you’ll receive an mp3 recording of the session with a few days via email at no additional charge). Attend by phone if you can’t come in person!

For reservations 925-283-3941 (HCH), or call or email Loyd Auerbach at 925-518-4071 / For more info or any questions, you can email Loyd at

There is limited space, so be sure to reserve your seat!

HCH Institute is at 3702 Mt. Diablo Blvd., Lafayette, CA. Directions at — HCH is accessible by BART, though it is several minutes walk.

This session can be attended live by phone. To get access to the conference call, be sure to PayPal the registration fee ($30) to  no later than 4 PM, Pacific, on the 12th. You will get the call-in number by email.

Special Class on the Paranormal in Marin County, May 4, 2014

On Sunday, May 4th, from 1-4 PM, I am holding a special on-off session in Fairfax, Marin County, CA:

A Personalized Paranormal Class for You

What are your burning questions?  In this class You will choose the topic of discussion before hand and Prof. Auerbach will tailor this class for you. Each person attending will choose a subject or question that is near and dear to him or her and Prof. Auerbach will answer that question in depth, and as long as the topic/question has been submitted in advance, he’ll provide further resources.

Because of the nature of the class, there is a limit of 8 people so as to give each person’s question their due consideration.

This is the first time ever for such a session with Prof. Auerbach.

Class will be $50 per person and you must contact him by Saturday to register (and get the address). You will be able to pay on-site by cash, check or credit card.

All attendees will get an mp3 recording of the session within 3 days of the class.

To reserve your spot and arrange payment of the deposit, contact Loyd Auerbach at or leave a message at the Office of Paranormal Investigations, 415-871-0175.

Because of the nature of this class, and limited space, location address will only be offered to those who register.

If you cannot make this date/location, please do email so you can be placed on a special list for first alert of any similar sessions to be conducted.

Individual/Group Mentoring Available — Custom Group Classes, too.

Just thought to post that besides the regular courses I offer through HCH Institute and the Rhine Education Center (part of the Rhine Research Center), I am also available for the following:

Mentoring/Coaching: Investigators: For individuals or even groups, I am available to help you with furthering your understanding of the paranormal and Parapsychology, to bring your field investigations to the next level, and to be clear on how you should best deal with evidence and your clients.

Mentoring/Coaching: Psychics, Mediums and Sensitives: I have been working with several psychics, mediums and fledgling sensitives for some time helping them find their strengths, further develop their control (of their abilities), and consider ethical and business issues when dealing with clients both for readings and for investigations.

Custom Group Classes: I am happy to create specific seminars and classes for groups, whether in the Bay Area or beyond — pretty much anywhere in the country. These can be delivered in a couple of distance formats, or if you have enough people to warrant it, I can come to you.

Free consultation on Education: Feel free to contact me with questions on furthering your education in the paranormal and Parapsychology. While naturally I’d love to work with you, I can also point you to others in my field, as well as to resources and organizations that will help with educating yourself — some free!

Contact me : Loyd Auerbach, or 415-871-0175


Ghost Hunting / Advanced Ghost Hunting Courses

This week, I’m starting up the four week “Ghost Hunting: How to Investigate the Paranormal” course. Offered live in the Bay Area and via telephone for people anywhere in the US and Canada, with supporting text, audio, video and more (mailed to you on a disk or available for download), the course is offered by HCH Institute in Lafayette, California, for four Thursdays starting April 10, from 6:30-9:30 PM Pacific time.

If you’re not local to HCH, you can take the course by phone live or listen to the class recordings. Distance students also get some one on one time with me (Loyd Auerbach) via phone or Skype.

Also offered in distance format only right now is a second level, Advanced Ghost Hunting course.

Here are the descriptions of the two courses. If interested, contact me at or call the Office of Paranormal Investigations at 415-871-0175.

GHOST HUNTING: $200.00 ($100 for materials alone, which include past recording of the class in mp3): This class is offered by one of the acknowledged leading experts in the field of Parapsychology, Loyd Auerbach.  The course will provide attendees with the skills and understanding for investigation of ghosts, poltergeists, haunted places and related psychic experiences.  The class will include the models of what these things are (from the field of parapsychology), how the scientific and psychic approaches can mesh together, and how to assess a situation, investigate it, and resolve the case to the satisfaction of the people having the experiences (and hopefully to the satisfaction of the ghosts).

Based on the field of Parapsychology’s 130+ year experience with such investigations, the class will cover: Apparitions, hauntings and poltergeists: differences and similarities;           What else can make a “ghost”; The investigative process, from initial call to resolution; Technology & Psychics in ghost hunting; How the techniques of the professionals differ from those of the amateurs and hobbyists (and TV ghost folks); The ethics of paranormal investigating and legal issues that can be involved.

Also important: the deep (and necessary) connections between apparitions, hauntings and poltergeists and other psychic experiences and abilities, and why a ghost hunter or paranormal investigator needs an understanding of the findings of Parapsychology in order to both conduct a thorough investigation and come to at least a range of reasonable conclusions – and to understand the “why” of the phenomena.

ADVANCED GHOST HUNTING: $250 which includes 2 hours of one on one phone/Skype time with Loyd Auerbach (materials alone, $125, including mp3 of last presentation of the course).  This course is a follow up to the HCH Ghost Hunting course and to the Rhine Education Center Investigations course taught by Loyd Auerbach.
In this course, students will:
1) Delve deeper into the field investigations methodologies and models of the phenomena in Parapsychology.
2) Delve deeper into dealing with clients (living and dead) during investigations, resolutions and follow-up.
3) Delve deeper into the investigation of public-haunts.
4) Delve deeper into sorting through evidence, and look at how/when technology, including EVP, and psychics/mediums fit best into both private home and public site investigations.
Note that there are prerequisites to taking the Advanced class, but no prereqs if you just want to purchase the materials.
Happy to send out the actual course outlines to anyone who contacts me for this.
To register for courses, or purchase the full course or just materials, contact HCH Institute at or 925-283-3941.
The Ghost Hunting course counts towards the Certificate in Parapsychological Studies offered by HCH Institute,

Parapsychology courses in March

I am offering two parapsychology courses in March (2014) for local (Bay Area) and distance (anywhere!) students. If you are interested, please contact the folks at HCH Institute (email or call 925-283-3941) or email me at

The two courses and dates/times are as follows (descriptions below):

The Search for Evidence of Life After Death: 3 Tuesdays, March 11, 18 & 25, 6:30-9:30 PM Pacific time.

Perception, Deception, Illusion & Reality: 4 Thursdays, March 6, 13, 20 & 27, 6:30-9:30 PM Pacific time.

Descriptions as follows:

THE SEARCH FOR EVIDENCE OF LIFE AFTER DEATH: Do we survive the death of our bodies? Is there Life after Death? What is the best evidence?

This seminar will cover the search for evidence of Survival of Bodily Death from the earliest psychical researchers to parapsychologists of today. With an eye towards the evidence garnered – and the research and investigations methods to gather it —  the class covers topics such as ghosts, mediumship, near death experiences, electronic voice phenomena, out of body experiences, reincarnation and psychic experience says about whether we/our consciousnesses live on in some fashion after the deaths of our bodies.

ome time will be spent discussing the recent research of Drs. Julie Beischel and Gary Schwartz, working with psychic mediums at the University of Arizona and subsequently at Windbridge Institute, and the work of the Division of Perceptual Studies at the University of Virginia in Reincarnation and Apparition research.

The importance of ESP and PK in any model of Survival will be discussed. The class will also look at the debate regarding evidence for Survival vs. the Super-Psi hypothesis from the perspective of the Survival proponents.

Cost $150. Students receive mp3 recordings of all sessions, mp3s of the last course offering lectures, as well as extensive text materials on DVD-rom and additional mp3s. Distance students — who are unable to attend the actual live classes by telephone — are also entitled to one-on-one phone/Skype time with the instructor (Loyd Auerbach).

 PERCEPTION, DECEPTION, ILLUSION & REALITY: These days, there’s a lot of “bleeping” focus on the question “What is Reality?”  Whether from the standpoint of Physics or Metaphysics, this question captivates us as human beings – as it should.

But there are two ways to look at that question right off the bat:  “What is Objectively Real?” and “What is Subjectively Real?” which leads to the overriding question about Reality in general. How much of what we see, hear, smell, etc. is Real (and what does that mean) and how much is affected by our perceptual processes? How can we perceive differently from others? How does consciousness process what our senses pick up and how is it affected by that same information?

This special session taught by parapsychologist & psychic entertainer (and former magician) Loyd Auerbach, will delve into the relationship between our Senses, our Perceptions, Consciousness and Physical Reality- as well as information and influences that may come from outside what we consider normal physical reality. Students will learn about the Psychology of Perception and more importantly, the Psychology of Deception, and how shifts in sensory data can lead our perceptions down very different paths – essentially causing us to perceive something that is not really “real”.

We’ll consider theoretical physics concepts such as the uncertainty principle, the possible existence of parallel universes (the Multiverse) and underlying concepts of the universe such as String Theory and Quantum Entanglement, especially as they apply to both Reality and how Consciousness interacts with it, and what researchers are trying to play at (such as the recent success with quantum teleportation). The place of psychic and other non-physical input in the process of Perception will be discussed, especially in relation to Entanglement.

Ultimately, this class is about how we can play with our Perceptions to open us up to a greater Reality.

Finally, Loyd Auerbach will illustrate a number of his points with findings and anecdotes from several fields – including Parapsychology – and entertain with stories and a bit of Magick.

No prerequisites for this seminar! This is not part of Parapsychological Studies Certificate Program, and can be taken on its own whether you have taken any of our other Parapsychology courses or not.

It is highly recommended for ghost hunters and paranormal investigators, whether or not you have taken previous courses from Loyd Auerbach (either at HCH or the Rhine Research Center), or anyone/anyplace else.

Cost: $250. All students receive mp3 recordings (and video!) of each of the class sessions — due to the visual nature of some of Auerbach’s demonstrations, we will be video-recording those demonstrations (and we’re hopefully going to be able to set up Skype video for them as well) for download. Students will also receive text materials and an additional video lecture. All students are eligible for some (free!) one-on-one phone/Skype time with the instructor (though this is especially important for distance students who are unable to attend the live sessions via telephone/Skype).

Things That Make Me Go Aarrgghh!

Things that Make Me Go “Aaarrrggghhh”

This one’s a little different…a commentary on some issues that keep popping up from the “Paranormal Community” that get my blood going more than a little.

1)      “There are no experts on the paranormal….”

Over the last 10 years, I’ve often hear this statement made by individuals at events, on blogs, on podcasts and even seen it in their books. They state this because, they say, there are so many questions about the phenomena we are trying to study (they seem to leave out the word experience), and no absolute proof of even the existence of psychic phenomena.

Correct. There are many questions about the phenomena AND the experiences. But clearly people have been having these experiences in some fashion since time immemorial, AND since the 19th Century, researchers and others have been collecting and investigating the experiences, both outside the lab (in “real life”) and under controlled conditions in the laboratory.

However, we in Parapsychology/Psychical Research HAVE learned much about the patterns of the experiences, about alternative, normal (though sometimes esoteric) explanations for some of the reports and experiences, the apparent behavior of the phenomena, and even some connections to environmental conditions. We have models for the phenomena which, if funding were properly available, are at least somewhat testable. We have hypotheses and even theories which can be tested.

So, when considering people educated in Parapsychology – whether via academic work or by participating in actual scientific research (this does not count most ghost hunting, by the way) – how are they NOT experts? Sure, people in my field have various strengths of experience and knowledge. My focus has been on spontaneous experiences (outside the lab), including apparitions, hauntings, and poltergeists, but I know much about laboratory studies and findings. Others of my colleagues have expertise in experiences and research of remote viewing, psychokinesis, mediumship, and so on.

More maddening, however, is the fact that most of the folks stating “there are no experts” are doing it from a platform that somehow denotes “expertise.” They are main speakers at ghost events. They are authors. They are TV stars of ghost hunting shows.  So, there are no experts except “me” – is that what they’re saying?

On top of it all, most of them often deny the need to know anything about Parapsychology – the only Science to actually study this stuff. Most of them denigrate some of the people in my field, or have never even heard of the top researchers/investigators. Or they have clearly misinterpreted or purposely changed the models, methodologies, and such they attribute to parapsychologists in order to make them fit their own models, methods, etc.

Or they tout how many investigations they’ve done (or for how many years), as if that gives them expertise….

It might, but with no understanding of what folks in my field already concluded, the mistakes made and corrected (the mistakes often being repeated by the “newbies”).

And remember: 30 years of bad methodology or bad assumptions is BAD experience. Makes one an expert in bad investigations and false conclusions, not any sort of expert on the phenomena.

2)      I was recently shown an email statement from someone in a ghost hunting group that is similar to those I’ve heard/seen before: “Anyone who tries to sell you on classes or certifications is disreputable.”

Okay, this one I need to take in two parts. First, the “certification” issue.

I’ve made it clear again and again that one cannot be “certified” as a “ghost hunter,” or “paranormal investigator” and especially not as a “parapsychologist.”  Certification implies a level of expertise in a subject or application of knowledge or in an activity, that the individual has passed some kind of testing to get certified, and that the person/body offering “certification” is empowered (legally and more importantly, ethically) to do so.

Most people who have never gone through a certification program (e.g.. in a Microsoft product, or a particular practice method in psychology, medicine, nursing, etc.) might have no clue as to what “certification” implies. In other words, some people offering certification simply are ignorant, not “disreputable.”

On the other hand, there are those who have demonstrated other behavior that might put them in that negative category. Some have been clearly advised that without approval by an established body such as the Parapsychological Association or even the Rhine Research Center or the Society for Psychical Research, or an actual academic source, the “certification” is relatively worthless – especially when it’s for being a “parapsychologist” when the actual materials don’t even have content from the field (more often than one would even believe). They have not corrected this issue, and therefore are doing what they’re doing in a knowing way, no longer in ignorance.

As for me, I continually have to correct people asking me about or referring to my own Parapsychological Studies Program (through HCH Institute) as a “certification.” It’s not, and it’s never been. It’s a series of non-academic courses providing a deep introduction to several major areas of Parapsychology, and completing all the courses earns the students a “Certificate of Completion” (kind of a non-academic diploma). A certificate is not the same as a certification.

As to the second part, dealing with classes …

I’ve heard many say something as the quote above, or more commonly “you can’t teach this stuff.”

To which I have to reply:  Any class in any arena of human endeavor is only as good as the person who put it together and/or teaches it, and the content of the class.

Parapsychology/Psychical Research as an over 130 year history. Courses in the subject have been and continue to be taught at accredited universities in many countries, though sadly the US has fallen behind in the number of colleges offering even a single course due to severe academic prejudice (the UK leads the pack). Courses have and continue to be at the graduate school level, not just the undergrad.

I not only went through a full academic, accredited university graduate program in Parapsychology (JFK University had one from the late 70s until the late 80s), I ended up back at the university after graduation teaching several of those graduate level courses, including a field investigations class.

Others in my field have taught university classes in field investigations, or at least covering the phenomena and experiences of apparitions, hauntings and poltergeists.


Such a statement comes from someone with an agenda of their own (or, if I’m to be charitable, somebody who’d been “taken” by a phony at some point and is too embarrassed to admit it). Perhaps the agenda is to turn people away from the possibility of learning something very real as opposed to what they’ve learned from other ghost hunters (or heaven forbid, from the TV shows). Perhaps it’s because they have been taken in by ghost hunters who learned their “craft” from watching paranormal shows and taught crappy courses (always seeming to miss anything about Parapsychology).

Or perhaps it’s because they want people to come to them for information, like the people who claim there are no experts.

Personally, I’ve been dedicated to educating the general public about Parapsychology, to helping to off-set the often fearful images of ghosts and such, to educate the members of the media to really look at the questions inherent in psychic experiences (which include poltergeists, ghosts, and hauntings). I push hard against the ignorance of my field in an ever growing “community” that claims to want to study the phenomena, to prove its existence, but seems to be resistant to even considering that there’s a history, literature, and group of scientists who’ve been doing this for more than 100 years longer than their favorite TV shows.

I’ve often felt like I’m beating my head against a brick wall, and statements like the ones quote here just give me more of a headache.

Sometimes I just want to be like William Shatner on the classic Saturday Night Live sketch telling over-the-top Trekkies to “Get a Life!”

There’s more, but this is enough of a rant for now. But one last comment…

Ask questions of the speakers, the “experts,” the “scientific investigators,” the authors and those teaching classes (and certainly those offering “certifications”).

Ask questions of ME. I’m always happy when someone is consumer-smart enough to ask questions like “what do I really get out of taking your classes?” and “why are you qualified to teach these classes or call yourself an expert?”

That leads to a conversation. Conversation is good. Blanket statements are not (hmmm…that’s a blanket statement in itself, so maybe that’s not good….  🙂