Spring and Summer Fun – Part 1: Audio

I thought to post a few things that are fun for me, and hopefully for others out there who might visit my site. First up: Audio (mp3) sites that I visit regularly — some might say I’m addicted to.

I’ve been a fan of Old Time Radio shows since a local radio station in NY re-ran old episodes of The Shadow when I was a kid.  A few years ago, in looking for sources for some of those old shows, I found that there were folks producing new full-cast shows, some similar to the old detective, adventure and sci-fi shows, some fan-productions of favorite properties like STAR TREK, Doctor Who, and some of the DC Comics characters.  And all are free to download from their sites (and can also be found on iTunes).

My favorite has to be The Red Panda. Part Green Hornet, part Shadow and part something new all together, the Red Panda is Canada’s greatest superhero during the 30s and 40s, aided by the able and beautiful Flying Squirrel, he fights villains of weird power and stature (and names that would be equally at home in the comic book or animated adventures of The Tick). The Red Panda is a production of Decoder Ring Theatre.  Check out the show — and companion show Black Jack Justice and others at www.decoderringtheatre.com

Another great site is Pendant Productions. Home of the smart and sassy (and humorous) The Dixie Stenberg and Brassy Battalion Adventure Theater, Pendant also produces monthly shows featuring Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, Supergirl and Catwoman, as well as a Star Trek Defiant monthly, a Star Wars adventure, and some additional original series.  Visit them at www.pendantaudio.com

Darker Projects also has Star Trek and Doctor Who and even Quantum Leap related series, as well as several original productions. My favorite is The Byron Chronicles, a fantasy horror series.  www.darkerprojects.com

BrokenSea Audio Productions is another great site for dramatized audio productions, including another Doctor Who series and others based on all sorts of properties (including Planet of the Apes and Escape from New York), along with original series such as Jake Sampson Monster Hunter.  www.brokensea.com

Need more Star Trek?  The monthly series Star Trek Outpost can be found at Giant Gnome Productions, www.giantgnome.com  And they have Doctor Who as well.

A couple of originals are a must-listen…

Possibly one of the best things out there on the ‘net is The Leviathan Chronicles, science fiction suspense adventure series involving a city of immortals, black ops, advanced tech, aliens (sort of), and much much more. Just give the first episode a listen and I promise you’ll be hooked.  I can’t wait for Season Two, which is supposedly coming soon.  www.leviathanchronicles.com

Finally, for all you horror/detective fans out there, the serialized mystery Wormwood is a great bet. The complete story is available at www.wormwoodshow.com

There are more, and sometime soon I’ll post some of the others. But if you want to explore more on your own, a great starting point is The Audio Drama Directory

— Loyd Auerbach