Déjà vu: Close-Up and Repeat!

Repeating mini-shows at large events, handling smaller groups, one after another.
Mind reading, predictions, and a little strange magick.

This is my walk-around option — though I most often do short repeating shows at a table-station (or from behind a bar) that people come up to at their leisure. This works especially well at weddings, banquets, networking events, cocktail receptions and other large events where people are socializing or networking while walking around.

This can also be combined with a tasting of a “flight of chocolates” — think “wine tasting” at a walk-up table or bar.


For the perfect dessert presentation, I also walk around and do quick chocolate readings. For this I go to my recent experience as a professional chocolatier (www.hauntedbychocolate.com) and special “fortune chocolates” I’ve created. These are pieces of quality solid dark chocolate that have a variety of symbols on them (using white cocoa butter transfers) that I created. 

Folks pick a wrapped piece from a bag or box, unwrap and I do a quick reading based on the symbol they’ve chosen. And then of course they eat the chocolate! I can do readings with one, two or three pieces — or more if one prefers longer readings.

The Cocoa Oracle Fortune Chocolates are also available in flavors (dark with various spices and flavorings) as well as in milk chocolate. Visit my chocolate website to find out about current flavor offerings. Note that flavored fortune chocolates are special order and may take a few days to have available. Pieces are offered full or half size. 

For more information on any entertainment or booking: email Loyd Auerbach at: profparanormal@gmail.com or call 925-518-4071 or for info on Cocoa Oracle Chocolate Readings: hauntedbychocolate@gmail.com


Please do NOT call the number above if you need help with a paranormal experience. Please call the Office of Paranormal Investigations at: 415-871-0175.

Please DO call the Professor for more details of his show, the readings he does for parties/events and how he can tailor it all for you.

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