Psychic Mind Theater

This is the Professor’s Stand-up for Groups of 15 to 500 or even more people — Professor Paranormal presents an evening (or daytime slot) of fascinating psychic entertainment, featuring mind-reading, predictions, and more than a little laughter.

Not only will this make your dinner or party truly memorable, but your friends will thank you again and again for a great experience.

He can tailor the performance to specific requirements, including splitting up the performance to work around the schedule of the party (i.e. performing right before, then again after dinner or another speaker, can fit the show into the role of the Emcee, and can add in some exciting ghost stories based on his experiences.

As Professor Paranormal can also provide individual card readings with PsyCards
(same idea as, but very different than, Tarot cards), or his own Cocoa Oracle Fortune Chocolates (Loyd is also a professional chocolatier, and has special gourmet chocolates he uses for readings).

The basic show runs approximately an hour, but the Professor has often been requested to do a shorter show as part of a larger group of entertainers/speakers.

However, adding in some Ghost Stories and individual readings can extend his Psychic Mind Theater show from 90 minutes to up to two and a half hours.

The fee for the show/entertainment mainly depends on actual time booked, whether he’s doing readings or not, and any special requirements (including travel).

Please note that the Professor is based in Martinez, California, and mainly works in the greater San Francisco Bay Area (from San Jose to Sacramento ), northern California, but is happy to go further (he’s performed in Santa Cruz, Monterey and the Gold Country)! He has performed and lectured for colleges and corporations across the US.

For more information on any entertainment or booking: email Loyd Auerbach at: or call 925-518-4071 or for info on Cocoa Oracle Chocolate Readings:


Please do NOT call the number above if you need help with a paranormal experience. Please call the Office of Paranormal Investigations at: 415-871-0175.

Please DO call the Professor for more details of his show, the readings he does for parties/events and how he can tailor it all for you.

Professor Paranormal

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