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Séance Fiction Theater: A Paranormal and Spirited Experience

The show is based on the séances conducted in the parlors and sitting rooms of homes during the late 1800s, when séances were common entertainment. Spirit empowered mediums read the minds of their audiences, made predictions and revealed messages from the after-life. It is held in low light or even full light (depending on your venue and audience).

A part of it can be held in complete darkness — provided you have a venue where that is possible. [Note: Remember: even an Exit sign above a door or moonlight/streetlights from the outside seeping in makes the environment less than complete darkness]

This show is mainly played on the semi-Serious Side — in other words, a little Tongue in Cheek.

The séance show can play for groups as small as 6 people or as large as 150. The shows vary for smaller vs. larger groups.

The show IS available in a more serious fashion, with an actual spirit/psychic medium!

Pricing for the shows depends on audience size, set-up requirements, and whether or not this is a solo show or one to involve a real medium.

While this is a portable show, which can be performed in different locations and under different conditions, the show content can vary dramatically depending on how much set-up time is available, the ambient lighting in the location, and noise level around us. For example, this is not a show to be performed in a corner of a crowded restaurant, or even in a side room of a restaurant if there are no doors to close off the ambient sound.

It IS a show that goes well in purportedly haunted locations, and in such places, the variant of the show that can be performed with a real medium is especially exciting!

For more information on any entertainment or booking: email Loyd Auerbach at: profparanormal@gmail.com or call 925-518-4071 or for info on Cocoa Oracle Chocolate Readings: hauntedbychocolate@gmail.com


Please do NOT call the number above if you need help with a paranormal experience. Please call the Office of Paranormal Investigations at: 415-871-0175.

Please DO call the Professor for more details of his show, the readings he does for parties/events and how he can tailor it all for you.

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