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The sites below are a mixed bag of those from colleagues of mine (and therefore quite reliable for information) and others I’ve come across in my journeys through cyberspace. I will be annotating these in the future with recommendations as to how trustworthy the information is. In the meantime, as with everything else on the Internet, THINK about what you read.

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A good list of Parapsychology/Paranormal links
(and a few other odds and ends)

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General Parapsychology sites:

Paranormal Research Organization

Parapsychological Association

Parapsychology Sources on the Internet  

Sergio Frasca's parapsychology site and links:  

Rhine Research Center (Institute for Parapsychology)

Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research  

Anomalous Cognition/THE ANOMALIST

Parapsychology Foundation 

American Society for Psychical Research 

Society for Psychical Research

Institute of Noetic Sciences

Boundary Institute (psi testing site)

Paranormal Sciences (Nerd World site links)  

The Pacific Neuropsychiatric Institute: Anomalous Experience http://www.PNI.ORG/esp/  

Franklin Pierce College:  B.A. in Psychology with
concentration in Parapsychology:

Paranormal Sciences page  

American Institute of Parapsychology

Exceptional Human Experience Network


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GHOST Related Sites:

This portion will be continually expanded.

If you have a Ghost or Paranormal Investigations Site you'd like to see linked from here,
please send info to

Please be advised that we will distinguish between sites from amateur investigators and those from professionals.
In addition, we will distinguish between those that offer actual information
and those that merely have ostensible photos of ghosts.

If you have any question at all about an individual investigator or group,
please do contact us, the Paranormal Research Organization
the Parapsychology Foundation, the
Rhine Research Center,   
Parapsychological Association, or the American Society for Psychical Research

There are many, many well meaning amateur ghosthunters out there, some of whom unfortunately call themselves
"parapsychologists," and some whom know next to nothing about the actual range of phenomena that can
be called "ghosts."  Be careful of anyone who offers help only in the form of taking photographs, or is
apparently more interested in "proving" you have a ghost than in helping you deal with the phenomena and experiences.
Beware of any paranormal investigator who's claims to "expertise" are based solely on the "orb" photographs they've taken, the cemeteries they've staked out, or the "certification" offered by other amateur ghosthunting groups.

See our articles elsewhere on this website.

   We reserve the right to refuse links to any submitted URL.


Websites that provide information on haunted locations:

Shadowlands (lots of ghost stories and ghost links)  

Obi-wan's UFO-Free Ghost Page  

Directory of Haunted Places  

World's Most Haunted

The Spirit Realm

The Midnight Society

Parapsychologists Involved in Spontaneous Case Investigations:


Recommended Paranormal Investigators
(including individuals/groups with more direct ties to the Office of Paranormal Investigations)

American Institute of Parapsychology

Vestigia Scientific Anomalies Research Team

more coming

Paranormal Investigators with a more Professional demeanor

Lone Star Spirits

Richard Senate's  Ghost Gallery  

Richard Senate, Ghost Hunter 

more coming

Paranormal Investigators with a Displayed Knowledge of/Connection to Parapsychology

Ghost Hunter Official Surveillance Team, Michigan:


Amateur Ghost-Hunting/Paranormal Investigations Groups
Note:  The following websites are to groups that conduct their own paranormal investigations in various areas of the United States.
Inclusion on this list in no way constitutes an endorsement of the the group or its methods.  This is due to the fact
that we have no other information on the group or its members other than what's on their site,  or an occasional email
communication.  No real assessment of their knowledge of Parapsychology or parapsychological field methods has been
conducted by us, nor have recommendations for these groups come from colleagues.   Groups/Individuals in this part
of our links list can be moved to a more recommended category once we have more extensive understanding of
the group/individual and their working knowledge, their investigative techniques, and their ethics. 

We strongly recommend you explore their site, read all their information pieces, and compare them with
information here on the Paranormal Network in order to make your own assessments.
Also be wary of any group that totally relies on technology and leaves out (or disdains) the human experience.
The perceptions of human beings are what identify and define a haunting or apparition case to begin with,
and excluding such experiences of witnesses, whether "ordinary" people or "psychics," is a bad idea.
Technology can currently only identify environmental anomalies; no technology can detect "ghosts" outright.
However, reliance only on "psychics" or "sensitives" is also a bad idea, as most come with personal biases
that need to be assessed and accounted for.  In other words, if most of their protocols feature
cameras/photos or even EVP rather than witness interviewing, be very wary.

Washington State Ghost Society:
This group combines a use of technology with psychics/sensitives in their investigations.  A very good thing.

Dagulf's Ghost
This group seems to focus only on the use of technology in their investigations, and dismisses the use
of psychics/sensitives.  Not a recommended procedure, but an interesting site nonetheless.

Additional Amateur sites:  Not yet assessed, so be cautious:

Philadelphia Institute for Paranormal Research



Sites with Stories of "Ghosts"
Note:  The following websites have stories of people's experiences with phenomena that can be interpreted as "ghosts" and "spirits".
The appearance of these links by no means implies any endorsement by the Office of Paranormal Investigations or Loyd Auerbach,
mainly because we have done no follow-up on these reports.  Nevertheless, they are quite interesting.

The Veil
Very nice site with stories, links and other basic information.


Sites with Photos of "Ghosts"
Note:  The following websites have photographs of anomalies that have been interpreted as "ghosts" and "spirits".
The appearance of these links by no means implies any endorsement by the Office of Paranormal Investigations or Loyd Auerbach.
In other words, we can't say whether these are photos of genuine ghosts, UFOs, other life-forms, psychically-created anomalies,
energy fields, or anything else one might call "paranormal" or supernatural.  
There's just too much room for photographic error and manipulation of images.

Photos of Ghosts and Apparitions with an historical perspective


Psychics we work with

Annette Martin

Neva Turnock


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Remote Viewing sites:

Remote Viewing Firedocs (P.J. Gaenir's documents collection)  


General Consciousness sites

Epistemology, Consciousness and the Mind  

Contemporary Philosophy of Mind: An Annotated Bibliography  

David Chalmers' Home Page (re consciousness studies)

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Other Sites Relevant for Parapsychologists
and those interested in Parapsychology and the Paranormal's guide to Paranormal Phenomena

Bay Area Consciousness Network

Society for Scientific Exploration

Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal 

Psi Applications  

Association for Research and Enlightenment 

Sources of Skeptical Information on the Internet

James Randi Educational Foundation Info List

Uri Geller On Line  

The Alex Tanous Foundation

Psychic Entertainers Association

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Sites for the Paranormal in the Media

Bufo Calvin's Home Page  

Paranormal Dimension

The Edge of Reality radio program


Miscellaneous Anomalies and Bizarre Stuff sites:

The Anomalist

The Sourcebook Project  

1,000,000 Paranormal Links

STRANGE Magazine  

Urban Legends Reference Page  

Omni: Antimatter  

The AFU and Urban Legends Archive 

Fate Magazine

Mysterious and Unexplained  

To Die For:  A Celebration of Cemeteries and the Lighter Side of Death"

The Art Bell Web Page  


Cryptozoology :


Crop Circle Research


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The Paranormal Network is always under some minor construction and improvement.
We are sorry for any broken links that may be present.  Please let us know if you find a bad link..

Thank you for
visiting The Paranormal Network.

Email me with your questions and comments about the Paranormal Network.
Loyd Auerbach
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