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Over the last few years, Loyd Auerbach has conducted and recorded several lectures and short seminars over the phone. These are now being offered for download as mp3 files, described below. Check back every few days for new recordings being added.

In addition, Loyd Auerbach will be making select articles and even books of his available as epub and PDF downloads, which will also be listed on this page.

Note: If you have any issues with payment going through the service, or receiving your download link, don’t panic — send an email to Loyd at profparanormal@gmail.com. It may simply be PayPal requiring I “accept” your payment. If you order and do not receive a download link within an hour, do send Loyd an email and so he can expedite the process.

AUDIO (mp3)

Science and the Paranormal: mp3 — $10.00. Recording of a teleseminar by parapsychologist Loyd Auerbach. 1 hour, 36 minutes.  So many individuals and groups in the paranormal/ghost hunting community advertise themselves and their investigations as “scientific.”  But do the investigators and their clients actually understand what that means?

This session covers the relationship of paranormal phenomena and experiences to general Science and Technology (which, contrary to popular American belief are not the same thing) and to the specific field of science that has been studying since the 1800s. Auerbach discusses what Science is/does in general and how the Scientific Method can be applied to research and investigation in the field – outside a controlled environment such as a laboratory. This includes how the lack of control of the environment and variables affect and limit (and sometimes even eliminate) putting the “scientific” into investigations.

He talks about the use of technology, psychics, witness testimony and folklore in paranormal investigations: when is it scientific and when is it not? He covers the difference between “evidence” and “proof” in Science, and whether we can get to the latter given the current state of evidence and theory (and if not, why not). Finally, there is discussion about the issue of whether being “scientific” is always the goal – and when that consideration has to fly out the window.

Poltergeists: Ghosts or Living Agents?: mp3 download – $10.00: Recording of a teleseminar by parapsychologist Loyd Auerbach. 1 hour, 42 minutes.
The term “poltergeist” translates to “noisy ghost,” which is how 16th Century Germans saw the particular physical phenomena when they coined the term. As of the 20th Century, based on hundreds of case investigations and research studies, parapsychologists formed a new model: living agent psychokinesis. Learn why this model holds up so well, how it helps us resolve the situations and what the connection to lab research on PK. We’ll also consider PK caused by apparent apparitions/entities and how it differs.

Do Ghosts Have ESP? : mp3 dowload – $10.00. Recording of a teleseminar by parapsychologist Loyd Auerbach. 1 hour, 51 minutes.
Ever wonder how it is some people can see, hear, fell or even smell ghosts, but others in the same room can’t? Have you wondered how a ghost – a person without a body – can move objects?  Or communicate with us without a mouth or voicebox?  Or cause voices to appear on recording media (EVP)? Have you had any curiosity as to why some apparent ghosts seem to be un-intelligent and non-aware – recordings, so to speak? Or why parapsychologists consistently look to living people rather than the deceased in poltergeist cases?
Psychic abilities are part of all models of apparitions, hauntings and poltergeists, whether one puts those abilities with the witnesses or with the ghosts.  How does ESP and PK (psychokinesis, or mind over matter) actually figure in to ghost encounters, haunted houses and poltergeist cases? How did such models come about and why do parapsychologists stick to them so strongly?
These and other questions are addressed as I discuss the relationship between psi experiences and abilities to the more ghostly phenomena, and why the connection is so important to the phenomena.  These models should be understood and considered by any who have such experiences or who investigate them, whether one accepts them or not.

Working with Psychics and Sensitives in Investigations: mp3 dowload – $10.00. Recording of a teleseminar by parapsychologist Loyd Auerbach. 1 hour, 29 minutes.
Bringing a psychic, sensitive, medium, intuitive (or whatever) into paranormal investigations has always been controversial.  This seminar, specific to investigations, will discuss the controversy, look at issues of when, how and why a psychic practitioner may be of help (and hindrance), compare them to the technology ghost hunters use, and why working with such practitioners is hardly “unscientific.”

The Paranormal & the Media : mp3 download – $10.00. Recording of a teleseminar by parapsychologist Loyd Auerbach. 2 hours, 14 minutes.
Did you know that news and predecessors to what’s called reality programming covering psychic/paranormal topics goes back to the 50s (and even before, on radio)? What do parapsychologists think of how coverage has been historically, how it’s changed, and how working with – and sometimes against – media portrayals of the paranormal has been a roller-coaster ride of real ups and downs (and truth and fabrication).
Auerbach discusses some basics of the behind-the-scenes of TV news and reality programming, especially as applied to the paranormal. He also covers common sense questions viewers and listeners should be asking themselves while watching/listening to shows on TV, radio, and podcasts in order to be able to (as best one can) separate the fantasy from the actual reality. He adds in some well-learned lessons gotten through his upbringing – from father, one uncle, and a brother all involved in television production, another uncle who was a radio newscaster, and another brother in the film industry. Finally, he throws in numerous “war stories”: examples of the best and worst of his experiences with production companies and broadcasters.

Telepathy! :  mp3 download – $10.00. Recording of a teleseminar by parapsychologist Loyd Auerbach. 1 hour, 11 minutes.
Can people read the minds of others?  Can people put thoughts in your head? Or is Telepathy different than what most people think it is.  This session will give an overview of  those concepts, the research findings, how telepathic communication is relevant to ghost encounters, and why it’s so hard to do a controlled experiment for Telepathy.

My Cases in Depth – 1: mp3 — $10.00. Recording of a teleseminar by parapsychologist Loyd Auerbach. 1 hour, 55 minutes. A close examination of cases demonstrating the range of what one finds in parapsychological field investigations. A discussion of several of Auerbach’s cases that best illustrate the phenomena one encounters on investigation:  apparitions, hauntings, poltergeists and the non-paranormal cases (which sounded paranormal from the initial description).  As he goes into the cases, he briefly discusses the models used by parapsychologists for these phenomena and a bit on how they evolved.

He presents the case scenarios (tells you the ghost story), then essentially dissect the cases, presenting the parapsychologist’s view of a field investigation, what we look for (and how), what kind of evidence “works,” how we decide what is going on (and why), and how resolutions for the clients were accomplished in the cases. Think of this as ghost stories plus the behind the scenes.

 On Psychics & Mediums: mp3 — $10.00. Recording of a teleseminar by parapsychologist Loyd Auerbach. 1 hour, 50 minutes. A Discussion of Psychic Abilities Centered on the Talented, the Frauds and the Clueless. More popular than ghost hunting, the act of consulting a psychic or medium can be helpful or harmful, entertaining or scary.  Millions of people every year consult thousands of psychics, mediums, intuitives, sensitives, etc.  There are folks out there with real abilities – though the abilities vary quite a bit, as does the practitioners’ ability to properly assess the information they “get.” There are those who are fakes, tricksters, con artists and such (way too many of them). And there are many who may or may not have some ability, but believe they are extremely talented – and are not (the clueless) or are too full of their own ego (often both).

How do you find a good psychic? How do you know that you’re getting your money’s worth?  How do you judge a psychic reading?  Or the practitioners themselves?  What does the supposed “track record” of a psychic mean, anyway?  Is there a relationship between what psychics/mediums claim and what parapsychologists have learned about such people? Or is it all “hogwash” and “woo-woo” as the debunkers claim?

If you or someone you know is interested in a basic understanding of who (or what) a psychic, medium, intuitive, or sensitive is and what she or he might (or might not) be able to do, this is the seminar for you!

OBEs & NDEs: mp3 — $10.00. Recording of a teleseminar by parapsychologist Loyd Auerbach. 1 hour, 48 minutes. This session will look at Out of the Body Experiences and Near Death Experiences with a special focus on and what they say about psychic experiences, life after death and even some ghost sightings. Auerbach discusses the characteristics of the OBE and the NDE are, including the seeming ability of the person out-of-body to observe and remember people, places and events while away from the body. The reported phenomena of bilocation – when a person is seen in more than one location – and apparitions of living people and how these might be an OBE issue will be discussed, as well as the place of the OBE in the NDE. He discusses spontaneous and intentional OB experiences, in the context of both the research in the lab and in the field. The traditions of astral projection will be considered, as well as the methodologies some practitioners have come up with to have an intentional OBE.

Then, he addresses the kinds of beings/environs people “see” in the NDE and the incredible impact of the NDE on a percentage of those who experience them. Finally, there is coverage of the place of both OBEs and NDEs in the evidence and argument for the existence of the Survival of Consciousness beyond bodily death.

Possession, Channeling and Mediumship: mp3 — $10.00. Recording of a teleseminar by parapsychologist Loyd Auerbach. 2 hours, 5 minutes. What’s the difference between channeling, mediumship and possession?  Or are there only differences of belief?

This session will look at the three conditions from the 130 year view of Parapsychology / Psychical Research, as well as from cross-cultural and general religious perspectives. How does investigation of such phenomena fall into the art of ghost hunting (or does it?)? More importantly, how can one discern what’s going on in situations that might be called possession or channeling/mediumship or even psychological disturbance?  What can an investigator do?  Or an exorcist? Or even a shaman?

Finally, there is discussion of the pluses and minuses of spirit communications practices, from the “dreaded” Ouija Board (and why it has a bad rap) to automatic writing to EVP and the use of K2 and other meters and flashlights.

Oh yeah, and Auerbach will (somewhat) address the demon thing…


NOTE: If you are interested in purchasing a set of all 10 mp3 lectures above, please contact Loyd Auerbach at profparanormal@gmail.com for a special discount!


AUDIO & PDF COURSES: These are courses presented through HCH Institute, Lafayette, California, in the Certificate Program in Parapsychological Studies. Except for the Introductory lecture course, the others are lesser versions of the actual courses (local OR distance), are non-participatory versions, and are not eligible in this form for the Certificate.

However, the courses do include the class lectures (mp3) and additional text materials in pdf format.

HCH courses can be upgraded to full version (which includes additional text materials, audio from a past year’s course offering, ability to call in to a live offering of the class via phone, and one-on-one phone/Skype time with Loyd Auerbach) by contacting Professor Auerbach at profparanormal@gmail.com or calling HCH Institute (925-283-3941).


This short, one-lecture course is meant as an introduction and overview to the field of Parapsychology, and the main areas of research and investigation: ESP, PsychoKinesis (mind over matter), and Survival of Bodily Death. Included is a general discussion of where the field came from and concepts and terms. For those who want to get a basic grounding in the field of science that studies the paranormal and psychic phenomena, this is an easy (and excellent) starting point. For those interested in the paranormal who want to differentiate their understanding from the misconceptions and incomplete (and often faulty) information found in the paranormal TV shows, this is a simple next step.

The material is in mp3 format for audio, and some pdf text materials to accompany the audio lecture. This lecture can be applied towards the HCH Institute Certificate Program in Parapsychological Studies

Instant Download $25

Ghost Hunting: Investigating the Paranormal: 12 hours + (mp3 and video, with text)
One zip file.

Most people are interested in the paranormal phenomena we classify as ghostly: Apparitions, Hauntings and Poltergeists. Many are interested in understanding their own experiences and the experiences of others. Many are intensely interested in gaining the skills and knowledge necessary to be an effective investigator of such things: a Ghost Hunter.

This class is a guide to paranormal/parapsychological field investigations, often called ghost hunting. You will gain the basic skills and understanding for investigation of ghosts, poltergeists, haunted places and related psychic experiences. The class will include the models of what these things are (from the field of parapsychology), how the scientific and psychic approaches can mesh together, and how to assess a situation, investigate it, and resolve the case to the satisfaction of the people having the experiences (and hopefully to the satisfaction of the ghosts, when they’re involved). You will learn about: Apparitions, hauntings and poltergeists: differences and similarities. What else can make a “ghost” the investigative process, from initial call to resolution; Psychics in ghost hunting; How the techniques of the professionals differ from those of the amateurs.

Naturally, the class will include discussion of some of Professor Auerbach’s exciting and interesting cases, many presented in the video lecture included. The text materials both support and expand what’s in the audio and video.

This course is the basic version of what’s taught as part of the HCH Institute Certificate Program in Parapsychological Studies. This version is not applicable towards the Certificate, but HCH offers an “upgrade,” which includes that applicability, additional audio and video material, and one on one phone or Skype time with Professor Auerbach.

Note: Shortly after purchase, you will receive a download link for additional mp3 files!

Instant download price: $100.00

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