The Haunting of the USS Hornet

The 40-minute video is available for $20 plus postage. 
Partial proceeds go to the Aircraft Carrier Hornet Foundation, in support of the museum.  
For more information, go to the following website: D. R. & ASSOCIATES: USS Hornet


A multi-part investigation of a haunted US Navy aircraft carrier: Part One now available.

The USS Hornet CVS-12 Aircraft Carrier is now a functional museum in Alameda, CA. Since 1995, more than 30 witnesses have come forward with tales of encounters with officers and enlisted men who suddenly vanish, unusual and unexplained sounds and even more extraordinary sensations of spirits. In Volume One of the investigation of the Hornet, the Office of Paranormal Investigations presents the first-hand experiences of  primary witnesses to the ghosts that haunt the carrier.

Part Two coming soon: more witnesses! 

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