Loyd Auerbach, Professor Paranormal, presents  some of his more exciting, perplexing and favorite ghost hunts and haunted locations. From the reported phenomena to the methods of investigation to the resolution of the case (busting the ghosts), find out  what parapsychologists think these things really are,  what drives him to investigate, and why fear of ghosts is not in his vocabulary.


ESP WARS, EAST & WEST: The Military Use of Psychic Espionage by the US and Russia

Was there really a government-sanctioned psychic program in the US? In the Soviet Union? Were they successful? What agencies got involved in the classified US program and how did politics shut it down? Did the Soviet Union actually create psychic weapons? What was the involvement of the KGB? Have psychics had any influence over politics and decisions in the US and Russia?

With information provided by researchers and military personnel from the US and Russian programs (the latter including former KGB officers),  Loyd Auerbach presents the successes, failures and politics involved in the classified programs of both the US and Soviet/Russian psychic espionage programs.

Based on the work included in the 2014 book by Edwin C. May (director of the US program), Victor Rubel and Loyd Auerbach,  ESP WARS: EAST & WEST: An Account of the Military Use of Psychic Espionage as Narrated by the Key Russian and American Players.



Join well-known (and frequent TV personality) parapsychologist / ghost hunter Loyd Auerbach on a journey in search of the truth behind the phenomena portrayed by paranormal TV–scripted and reality (which he likes to refer to as “unreality TV”).  He decodes the often tangled web of mysterious forces and beings television and YouTube channels to us and provide understanding of real psychic abilities, ghostly forms, and psychics and mediums as well as the exaggerated and often bizarre unreal phenomena TV so often likes to put forth as the “truth.”

Alternate title/description for the Paranormal TV lecture:


In this honest and up front presentation,  well-known (and frequent TV personality) parapsychologist / ghost hunter Loyd Auerbach will take you on a  journey in search of the truth behind the phenomena, experiences and investigation methods portrayed by the ever-growing number of paranormal TV shows and the spillover to YouTube.

Reality TV is hardly that. At its best, it’s entertaining. At its worst, it’s misleading and even made up. “The Truth is Out There” – the tag line of The X-FILES – is true. Get some of it here!



Join paranormal investigator / parapsychologist Loyd Auerbach as he takes you on a virtual tour of this floating haunted city…the Aircraft Carrier USS Hornet Museum…listen to (and watch on video) some of the dozens of witnesses talk about their ghostly encounters. Come aboard a haunted aircraft carrier in this multimedia presentation of the case Loyd Auerbach calls “the case of a lifetime” and is his first response when asked “what’s  the most haunted place you’ve been to?”



SPEAK AS YOURSELF: The Basics and Beyond provides an overview of what makes a great speaker, and why leveraging one’s own personality and know-how is the key to credibility.

SPEAK AS YOURSELF: Build-a-Speech provides an overview of how to take what you want to present, analyze the audience, and build a presentation that will be memorable and take advantage of your own presentation style.

SPEAK AS YOURSELF: Public Speaking & Presentations is an combination of the two above, each in more abbreviated form.

WORKPLACE DIPLOMACY: Getting Along with Co-workers considers the interpersonal challenges that crop up among individuals and groups in the workplace and how to overcome them. One former employer/executive point out that my “superpower” was getting along with everyone, both co-workers and clients, and in this presentation I highlight the lessons learned.


Entertaining Keynotes

Have an event for which you need something lighter? Perhaps something with more entertainment value? Or a bit out of the box?The following are, for most companies, organizations and law firms, presentations that fit into the “entertainment” category.
Professor Paranormal’s Psychic Mind TheaterA full-blown mentalism show. This is psychic entertainment: mindreading, predictions and more, filled with lots of humor, for audiences of 15 to 1500. This is an interactive show (can’t very well read my own mind and be entertaining), and shows are tailored to your audience and time requirements.Chocolate Tasting: A Guided Presentation: I have been presenting guided chocolate tastings since 2006. I will lead folks through a tasting of exceptional Chocolates. During the tasting, I talk about how chocolate’s made, its history, health benefits and variety. Available for any size audience.Creating Your Future REALity:  Your thoughts create your reality.  Your perceptions influence how you view reality. This isn’t new-age nonsense, but old fashioned common sense. How we think and what we believe about ourselves affects our immediate reality.  For example, when you feel good about yourself, confident in your work, strong in your sense of integrity, you are naturally more attractive and better able to interact with clients and co-workers.  Changing your perception of a particular person will change how you relate to him or her.  Altering your perception, attitude, thoughts and beliefs can help you mold the Future you want.  A fun-filled presentation that will provide you with tools, techniques, and strategies to create the “self-fulfilling prophesies” you would like most. You’ll discover fun, easy ways to play with visualization, affirmation and other mental exercises that will help you create your ideal Future.

Tapping into Your Intuition: This presentation introduces the basics of how to notice and make use of the intuitive process (unconscious decision-making based on what’s in our heads already) and that channel of non-sensory perception (what is commonly called ESP).

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