Script and Show Consultation for Screen and Television Writers

Consulting on psychic/paranormal and related topics with screen/TV writers, producers, directors, actors and other media creators

Do you want your script/project to grab people in a way that connects with their own potential psychic/paranormal experience? Or ones they’ve heard from friends?

The real experience and research/investigation findings of those in the field of Parapsychology and its rich history, which goes back to the mid-19th century, can be a great starting point for any creative project incorporating psychic powers, paranormal experiences, or unusual phenomena.

The thousands of experiences that have been reported to psychical researchers and parapsychologists, and in publications going back to the 19th century can provide excellent fodder for storytelling in many media formats.

From haunted houses and ghosts to psychic dreams, precognition to mind over matter, remote viewing to near death experiences, psychics to mediums and much more, Loyd Auerbach is your best guide to what’s real, what’s iffy, and what’s not when it comes to the
psychic/paranormal world, experiences and research.

Going beyond that major area, Auerbach is well versed in resources and concepts from areas of the unexplained and New Age that are actually confused with psychic phenomena and parapsychology, such as UFOs, strange creatures (cryptozoology), “lost” civilizations, ancient astronauts, creatures of folklore, and magical and occult practices from around the world.

Hourly consultation $250

Day rates available

Project rates available

Script review and consultation packages available

General/specific discussion of topics in and around the paranormal/psychic.

Auerbach is available for film/TV consultant roles, and has worked as a Consulting Producer.

Contact Loyd Auerbach at or call him at 925-518-4071. Visit his website at

Loyd Auerbach is also available for consultation with novelists and other writers not in the TV/Film industry at special, negotiated rates.

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