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The following special deals and individual offerings are available. All except the big bundle extra special offer (scroll all the way down) are available through the end of 2015.

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MENTORING: The prices listed for one on one telephone or Skype mentoring/coaching start with a discount on the two hour price (normally $60 per hour). Mentoring hours can be used in 30-60 minute blocks and can be spread out over several months. If you’d like to set  up an ongoing mentoring program, contact me for a special deal (profparanormal@gmail.com). I offer a free 15-20 minute consultation.

Mentoring Options

PAST TELESEMINAR mp3 Bundle$75.00 (Save $25) : This is an offering of 10 mp3 recordings from past teleseminars, each at least 1 hour long, and each regularly $10. For descriptions of the recordings and/or to purchase separately, click HERE. The following topics are included: “Science and the Paranormal,” “Poltergeists: Ghosts or Living Agents,” “Do Ghosts Have ESP?” “Working with Psychics and Sensitives in Investigations,” “The Paranormal and the Media,” “Telepathy!,” “My Cases in depth,” “On Psychics and Mediums,” “OBEs and NDEs,” “Possession, Channeling and Mediumship.”

If you order the bundle, you will receive a download link within 48 hours (usually much less) with all the recordings. Purchasing them separately from the audio page (the link above) will allow you to download immediately, but there is no discount.

ONE-SHOT SPECIAL CLASSES: The following are one-shot classes that have been audio-recorded, 3 hours in length with the exception of the Mediumship class, which is 6 hours long. Download links will  be sent within 48 hours (usually less) for the mp3 recordings and additional text materials that come with each class. The drop down menu lists the topics and a special one time only bundle price. Descriptions are below the buttons.

3 hour classes

Mediumship Class & Bundle

Apparitions: In-Depth. A one-shot class focusing on all forms of apparitions, from those projected by the living to the best cases. Explanations and theories of apparitions of the dead will be covered. Illustrated with lots of ghost stories.

Poltergeists: In-Depth. The term “poltergeist” translates to “noisy ghost,” which is how 16th Century Germans saw the particular physical phenomena when they coined the term. Beginning in the early 20th Century and by the 1950s–based on hundreds of case investigations and research studies–parapsychologists formed a new model: living agent psychokinesis (PK). Learn why this model holds up so well, how it helps us resolve the situations and how it connects to lab research on PK.Also considered is PK caused by apparent apparitions/entities, how the activity and experiences differ, and why apparitional PK activity is no longer called “poltergeist activity” here in the US. Finally, we look at the how the living-agent distinction is not necessarily made in other parts of the world, such as the UK, and what recent analyses of activity in cases has revealed.With some focus on the work of the late William G. Roll, who formalized the model used for living agent PK.

Applied Psi: Psychic Archaeology, Psychic Criminology and more. This session takes a somewhat detailed look at applications of psi especially in relation to past archaeological work and past and current police/criminal investigatoon work. We look at how psychics have been used in the past in archaeology, including examples of psychometric work and remote viewing. We consider the claims of many psychics who say they’ve worked with police and FBI, and especially discuss the needs of law enforcement and social and legal implications of working with psychics and mediums. Finally, we touch on some other real-world applications of psi.

OBEs & NDEs: In-Depth. An in-depth look at Out of the Body Experiences (sometimes called Astral Projection) and Near Death Experiences, from both the experiential and research perspectives. We discuss some of the techniques people have taught to have an OBE, how this may connect to Survival of Bodily Death, and where there’s a crossover with ESP. We’ll also look at the issue of apparitions of the living and bilocation. With NDEs we discuss the range of experiences, common and uncommon factors, how the NDE sometimes brings psi forward, and the implications of the NDE with regard to Survival. Naturally we consider the place of the OBE in the NDE process, and how that’s often yielded some of the best verifiable information.

Reincarnation: Best Evidence. Well over a billion people on the planet believe in past lives, and in being reborn after their deaths. From religion-based to culture-based beliefs and practices that are quite ancient, to relatively recent work with past life regression and spontaneously recalled past life memories, the evidence–of varying strength–has mounted up. But how do these forms of evidence stack up scientifically? What are the best forms of evidence and cases of reincarnation? In this one-shot class, parapsychologist Loyd Auerbach surveys all forms of evidence for (and against) reincarnation and past (and future) lives. He focuses on evidence/cases of young children who remember previous lives–cases investigated by researchers at the University of Virginia, the University of Iceland, and several more institutions from the last 60+ years. He discusses the value of the other evidence, including past life regression: where it’s good, where it falls short and where (and how) such practices have other positive value beyond evidence for reincarnation.

Psychic Dreaming. An in depth look at Dreaming and how psi manifests in the dream state, from apparitional visitations to precognitive dreams to dreams that might indicate past lives. We take a look at methods of working with dreams in order to further discover your own psi-filled dreaming, and also look at the Lucid Dreaming state and how one might use it to enhance psi even in the waking state.

Altered States and Psi.  Is there a connection between different states of consciousness and being more (or less) psychic? Can you improve (or block) someone’s psychic abilities and experiences with Hypnosis and other altered states induction methods? This one shot class covers how psychic experiences and abilities are affected by our state of mind/consciousness. With coverage of psi ranging from various forms of ESP to mind over matter to seeing ghosts and experiencing hauntings, we’ll take a look at the findings with Altered States of Consciousness (ASCs) and psychic functioning from many decades of parapsychological research, as well as what patterns have emerged from psychic experiences outside the lab. With an eye towards getting a handle on your own psychic experiences, this class gives you pointers as to best and worst connections to Altered States.

GHOST STORIES: A special session (2.5 hours) with Loyd Auerbach relating many of his own investigations (in depth), as well as some of the more interesting ghostly experiences others have related to him.

Mediumship: History, Mystery, Manifestation and Science. 6 Hour Class. A two-part class looking deeply into the history, practice, beliefs, claims and evidence of Mediumship, both physical and mental. History of mediumship, with focus on the rise of Spiritualism and Psychical Research, is covered as well as the main research and findings since the mid-1800s. Includes discussion of opening up as a medium and learning to control one’s mediumistic abilities.


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